North Korea Just Reignited The Threat Of WW3 With This Video

North KOrea Donald Trump

Trump’s not going to like this.

A couple of weeks back the world was preparing for World War Three to break out after Donald Trump used his most violent rhetoric towards North Korea yet, leading to Kim Jong-un threatening an attack on the US Pacific island territory of Guam.

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This tension seemed to lessen somewhat in the following days, with North Korea retracting its plans on Guam. However, it looks like the threat levels have risen once again after the Hermit Kingdom released the following propaganda video showing Trump staring at a series of white graves after Guam gets showered with nuclear missiles. The footage also shows Vice-President Mike Pence engulfed in fire.

The video caption reads:

Americans should live with their eyes and ears wide open.

They will be tormented day and night by the Hwasong-12 rockets without knowing when they will be launched.

They will be in jitters.

This video comes as a reaction to recent US-South Korea military drills that the country claims are an “invasion rehearsal”. However, senior American military commanders dismissed calls to pause the exercises, claiming they are crucial to countering threat from Pyongyang.

It just seems like this is a constant battle of Billy Big Bollocks. Both sides are constantly flexing their military muscles without either one actually going ahead with what they’re proposing, because they know that if they do then all hell will break loose and it could see the end of human civilisation. It’s like North Korea is the emo kid of the world, while America is the sporty meathead – neither of them will ever see eye to eye, so they just need to pipe down and get on with more important issues like ending world hunger and poverty. If only it were that simple.


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