North Korea Expert’s Brain Completely Freezes During Live TV Interview (VIDEO)

This is anyone who has ever been on live TV’s worst nightmare.

An Australian academic and expert on North Korea had a devastating experience on live TV earlier after his brain completely froze on him. He was invited onto ABC24 News Breakfast to discuss North Korea’s recent rocket launch.

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Here’s how he did:

Brutal stuff. Just excruciating to watch. The guy was ready for anything, he had all his facts and figures prepared in his head, but then anxiety just took hold. That first stumble came and he just never recovered. You could see it dawn on his face that he’d completely blown it. Credit to the presenters they tried to help him out but he just couldn’t roll with the punches. Pretty much the worst thing that can happen to you when going on live TV as an “expert”.

Believe it or not, this was nowhere near as painful to watch as the poet/rapper who was asked to freestyle on live TV. Cringe central.


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