This Non League Right Back Just Scored One Of The Best Hat Tricks Of All Time

Tam Hanlon

This is next level.

I can fairly confidently say that hardly anyone reading this will have ever heard of Tam Hanlon or Pollok FC (he’s a right back player for a Scottish lower league team), but he might be featured in a whole bunch of football pub quizzes after his incredible hat trick over the weekend.

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Pollok FC were playing Neilston in the Scottish Junior West Premier League when Pollok decided to unleash three strikes of the utmost quality. The first was a free kick from the right hand side of the area, the second (a pick of the bunch) was a thirty/possibly forty yard piledriver from the right back position into the top corner, and the last was a free kick from the centre of the area and about thirty yards again.

The best part about it all was probably his celebration – guy didn’t even act like he was surprised as he strolled back to the centre circle after completing his hat trick. Legend:

Yep. That is an absolute baller right there. Not sure how old this guy is but he must be worth a punt from some higher division Scottish team for his dead ball quality alone surely? That kinda shit doesn’t change from division to division surely?

For more amazing goals, check out this outrageous back heel from the edge of the area.


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