This Guy Just Scored The Most Insane Backheel Goal In The History Of Football

Leandre Tawamba


Over in the Kazakhstan Premier League (yeah, an actual real organisation) at the weekend, some team called Kairat were playing Akzajyk Uralsk and not only did they manage to score a last minute winner after being 2-1 down, they also managed to do it with one of the weirdest and most outrageous goals I’ve ever seen.

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The ball was played in to Cameroonian striker Leandre Tawamba with his back to the goal outside the area, and he somehow managed to pull off an audacious back heel flick that ended up in the bottom corner of the net. Honestly don’t think I’ve seen a goal like this ever:

Yeah, probably not as spectacular as you thought it was going to be but pretty astonishing nonetheless right? I still can’t really decide if he meant to do it or he completely fucked up his touch because you can’t really get that good an angle on it, but given the fact that he’s playing in the Kazakhstan Premier League I’m inclined to think that it’s probably the latter option.

And yeah, that was Andrey Arshavin providing the assist. How the mighty have fallen.

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