Noel Gallagher Moved The Furniture In Liam’s Rooms Around For Years To Make Him Believe In Ghosts


Playing the long game.

The legendary spats between the Gallagher brothers in Oasis are the stuff of rock and roll folklore these days, but somehow they’ve managed to keep one of the funniest pranks they would play on each other secret for all these years.

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It turns out that Liam was absolutely petrified of ghosts and Noel and the rest of the band only decided to play long running practical jokes on him to try and shit him up when they were on tour or recording or something. Noel explains the ‘banter’ between the pair of them:

Beady Eye live

It’s highly amusing and if we were ever anywhere remotely spooky, we’d tell Liam that the house was haunted, particularly his bedroom.

We convinced him his bedroom was haunted, so when he’d get up in the morning and go and have his breakfast, someone would go in and turn the pictures back to front, or f***ing move a lamp beside his bed across the other side of the room.

He’d arrive pale: ‘Have you been in my f***ing room?’ ‘No, why?’ ‘You’ve been in my room, because now the f***ing lamp is in the toilet.’ ‘No way, f***ing hell. Wow.’

Yeah, that was amusing. That was worth it.

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Classic Gallagher brothers really eh? No wonder they don’t want to get back together and play any gigs again – it must be pretty scary having someone constantly play on your fear of ghosts all the time eh?

Oh well, maybe they’ll get over it in a few years time and we can finally see them back on stage again. In the meantime, check out Noel reviewing all the old Oasis videos – some great quotes in there for sure.


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