Noel Clarke Claims Misconduct Claims Were ‘Taken Out Of Context’ And People Were Lying

He’s come out swinging.

It wasn’t so long ago that if someone came out with serious allegations against you and you ended up getting cancelled then there was pretty much no way back for you, but after the Johnny Depp/Amber Heard trial more people think that there can be two sides to every story and it looks like Noel Clarke is determined to tell his.

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Clarke was cancelled in the summer of 2021 after multiple sources came forward saying that he was abusive on set, acted like he was on a real power trip all the time and sexually harrassed many of the females involved with his projects, but he’s insisting that everyone is lying and that some of the claims were taken out of context. The guy was speaking on The Zeze Mills Show where he said the following:

I’ve never turned around and said 20 people were lying.

The reason I denied everything is because I think a lot of them are lying, or I know a lot of them are lying, and then there’s a lot of things that are out of context.

There’s a lot of things that were conversations that people were involved with and are now acting like they weren’t involved in those conversations.

It would be easier for me to sit here and cry and plead guilty to the allegations, saying, ‘I did all these things, I’m repenting, I’m sorry, I’ve worked on myself.’

And you know what? I have worked on myself.

If I didn’t look like (a black man) I could have worked on myself for a month in The Priory and be back on television already.

If I was inappropriate to women then they were being inappropriate too, with the exception of one time I made comment about a woman’s appearance at work.

That was completely my fault and I apologised to her swiftly after she expressed her discomfort.

As for nudes, I’ve never sent anything that people don’t want to see.

Well, I suppose the fact that the police investigated the claims and decided not to charge Clarke with anything back in March 2022 do give some form of authority to what Clarke is saying there, but there’s also the fact that there’s no smoke without fire and these sorts of cases are notoriously hard to gain a conviction in because they’re essentially one person’s word against the other involved. Can’t really believe that 20 people or whatever came out against Clarke and there’s not at least something wrong with his behaviour in all those cases, but I suppose we’ll see over the coming weeks/months if he actually manages to clear his name and get his career back on track.

Pretty raving for him to accuse some of them of lying about him without any real evidence though, but I suppose he can say the same thing about the accusations that have been levelled at him too. It’s so difficult to really decipher the truth in all these instances.

It’s also interesting that he used the colour of his skin for a reason that he might not be forgiven in this case and to be honest he’s probably right about that one. Not sure if bringing it up is going to score him points or lose him them though. We’ll see.

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