Nobody likes spoilers. Here’s a surefire way to avoid spoilers – by printing off posters saying you don’t like spoilers.

I’m not gonna lie, I stole these posters off buzzfeed.com but they’re pretty funny so I thought I would feature them here on Sick Chirpse too. Everybody hates spoilers right? I remember one time where I taped Wrestlemania and went to school the day after and asked everyone not to tell me the results but this fat Asian kid called Talha Hakeem just shouted them really loudly at me in economics class. What a douchebag, he totally ruined Wrestlemania for me. After that I just stayed up really late for all the PPV’s and went to school really sleepy on Monday mornings.

But yeah, the point is that nobody likes spoilers. These days I manage to steer clear of them pretty well –  I don’t work in an office so there isn’t much chance of me overhearing something at the water cooler or being shouted the results across the room – and I don’t own a TV so I just watch shows at my own pace, so when I overhear something about a TV show that’s on TV right now it doesn’t really register with me – and I don’t really watch WWE anymore because well, I’m an adult I guess (although maybe I might have to tune into The Rock Vs John Cena on Sunday!!!) so I don’t care if anyone spoils it for me. I think spoilers are pretty easy to avoid anyway if you don’t hang out with idiots/spend all your time on internet message boards discussing TV shows.

Buzzfeed though differently though and decided to produce/collect these posters to help people avoid spoilers. They’re encouraging you to print these out and post them around your house/office/car or maybe just on your t shirt or something to stop spoilers. A bunch of people have ‘liked’ and tweeted about it too so it seems like people actually think this is a good idea and are going to do it. Have you seen any of these posters around yet!?


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