Nirvana Played Their Last Ever Show 22 Years Ago Today

Nirvana Last Ever Show

Here’s the full set from Munich.

Everybody knows that Kurt Cobain died in 1994, but I’m pretty sure that most of the people reading this wouldn’t have known that Nirvana played their last ever show on March 1st 1994 in Munich. That’s 22 years ago today if you want to feel old.

To celebrate, here’s the full set from that show, complete with a power cut during ‘Come As You Are’ and a tape having to be switched over during ‘School’ (totally forgot you used to have to switch tapes over when you were recording stuff, that was annoying) that perfectly encapsulates the time. Unfortunately only the first three songs have video footage and one of them is a cover of The Cars’ ‘My Best Friend’s Girl’, but it still looks and sounds pretty good for what you do have. Everything is played really fast too which is awesome.

There’s also no ‘Smells Like Teen Spirt’, which is a pretty cool statement from the band.

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If you enjoyed that, check out some of these pictures from Nirvana’s 1989 European tour. There’s a set list for the above video below too if you want to listen to a particular song:

0:00 My Best Friend’s Girl [The Cars Cover]
3:16 Radio Friendly Unit Shifter
7:03 Drain You
10:32 Breed
13:37 Serve The Servants
16:44 Come As You Are [Aborted due to power failure]
20:25 Come As You Are
23:48 Sliver
26:04 Dumb
28:44 In Bloom
32:55 About A Girl
35:42 Lithium
41:06 Pennyroyal Tea
44:51 School [Cuts out due to possible tape flip]
46:49 Polly
49:58 Very Ape
51:51 Lounge Act
54:21 Rape Me
56:56 Territorial Pissings
01:03:10 The Man Who Sold The World [David Bowie Cover]
01:07:36 All Apologies
01:11:14 On A Plain
01:14:23 Blew
01:17:28 Heart-Shaped Box


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