Nintendo Are Building A Real Life Super Mario World At Universal Studios


Dreams can come true.

When I was growing up, there were two things I really loved and they were theme parks and Nintendo games, so imagine how stoked I was today to learn that Universal Studios are planning on creating their very own real life Mario World in each of their three theme parks.

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Whilst my love of Nintendo games may have waned since my early years (FIFA all the way these days), I still love theme parks, so the thought of a Mario themed one makes me unbelievably excited. While estimates thought that it might open by 2020, the announcement video below seems to imply that they’ve already been working on it for some time so we’ll hopefully get it even sooner than that:

I bet there’s a ride where you have to sit in a Yoshi pouch. Can’t wait for that one. And probably a really sick extreme rollercoaster called something like Bowser’s Revenge. It’s going to be absolutely amazing over there, I can already feel it.

For more Mario, check out Super Mario Run – coming to your mobile phone in a couple of weeks. Finally.


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