Mario Is Finally Coming To Your Mobile In ‘Super Mario Run’



As one of the iconic video game characters of all time, many people have probably questioned just why Mario hasn’t yet featured in a video game on your mobile phone yet because surely – whatever it involved – it would probably be a bestseller merely because of his presence?

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I’ve got no idea why it’s taken so long, but the wait will finally be over on December 15th, when Super Mario Run will be available to download from the app store to play on your iPhone or iPad for a cool $9.99USD. Don’t worry  if you’re running low on cash – you’ll be able to play some of the game for free so can still check it out – and don’t worry if you don’t have one of those either – other formats are expected to follow soon, but if you’re in both categories then expect Decembers 15th to be a red letter day.

I suppose you don’t really care about the price and format of the game though, you just wanna see what it looks like in action right? Well here you go:

So, it basically looks like a game where you just have to make Mario jump at the right time whilst he’s running through levels I guess? Looks kind of basic, but you know that the most basic games usually turn out to be the most fun and the most addictive and I’m sure Nintendo knows what it’s doing.

The ability to create your own levels and race against your friends should increase the longevity too so I’m sure Nintendo are onto another winner. Can’t wait for it to drop to be honest, although I doubt we’re going to have another Pokémon Go situation on our hands.

For more Mario, check out this heavy metal version of the Super Mario Bros theme tune. Gnarly.


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