Nintendo Just Made A Guy Named ‘Bowser’ Its New President (Seriously)


Nintendo’s president and chief operating officer Reggie Fils-Aime is retiring in April, and so who better to replace him than a guy named Doug Bowser.

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Bowser is currently the senior vice president of sales and marketing for Nintendo, and with a name like that there’s no doubt he was always destined for the top spot.

Naturally the memes have been flooding in since Nintendo made their announcement:

So Doug Bowser seems like a nice guy and all, but can we ever be sure he’s never kidnapped innocent women and kept them captive in a fiery dungeon like his pixelated namesake? How do we know he’s not an Illuminati-style fire-breathing dragon in disguise? I mean it is a bit of a bold move having a guy with the same name as the biggest Nintendo villain in history as the face of your company. Making him head of sales or accounting is one thing, making him president of the whole company is quite another.

Why not put Mario or Luigi or Yoshi in charge? What about Link from Zelda? Seems like it would be a safer bet.

Speaking of Zelda, meet the blind gamer who actually managed to clock Ocarina Of Time without the use of his eyes (it took him 5 years, but still).


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