Nina Agdal Demolishes Troll Who Says She’s ‘Desperate For Attention’ With Topless Instagram Pic

Now that’s how you deal with internet trolls.

Supermodel Nina Agdal is just like the rest of us trying to keep ourselves (and others) entertained while in lockdown, and it just so happens her “specialty” in this department is posting scantily-clad pictures and generally thirst-trapping on Instagram.

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What type of person would have a problem with this? Well plenty of people do, apparently. Including this nasty troll who said Nina Agdal is just ‘desperate for attention’. Um, rude! Unfortunately for him Nina Agdal got wind of his comment and responded:

Oof! Being called a negative, pessimistic, depressing Debbie Downer by one of the most beautiful people on the internet has to sting at least a little bit. Things got even worse for the troll from there, as Nina Agdal proceeded to post a trio of topless pics of herself hugging a tree. Oh the humanity!

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And that right there is how you deal with haters on the internet. This guy didn’t think for one second that Nina Agdal would see his comment, let alone respond to it. But not only did she respond to it, she also took some brand new pics and rubbed them in his big dumb face. That’ll teach him and anyone else out there who ever says Nina Agdal is desperate for attention (not that they’re wrong, but, you know, that’s sort of what she does for a living).

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