Someone’s Made The Nike Air VaporMax Out Of LEGO Bricks

LEGO trainer 1

That’s some serious brand dedication.

In celebration of Nike’s new VaporMax trainers, which were released yesterday, an artist named Tom Yoo has decided to create the design using LEGO bricks. This isn’t the first time Yoo has recreated a Nike design using the world’s favourite toy – he’s previously made the Air Jordan 9, Air Jordan 5 as well as the Nike MAG. This dude’s a proper LEGO/trainer fanatic.

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In order to create his LEGO VaporMax, he went about analysing the trainer’s design and unique characteristics, before producing a 3-D picture of it on his computer. He then figured out the amount of bricks he would need before getting stuck in to building the thing. You can watch the process below:

Incredible. If he can make this using his imagination and design skills, just imagine what he could do if someone gave him a box of this special LEGO tape. He could build an entire LEGO outfit.


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