Daredevil Who Walked 1,800ft Across Volcano Tightrope Is Being Slammed As A ‘Fraud’ (VIDEO)

Does this really count?

We’ve seen Nik Wallenda do some genuinely terrifying stuff over the years – remember the world’s highest blindfolded rope walk? – but his latest ‘death-defying’ stunt has left people very disappointed indeed.

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Last night, Nik walked a tightrope over an active volcano on national TV. Guess what? He made it across no problem. Which would be impressive if he wasn’t wearing a harness the whole time and therefore not really risking his life in the slightest. Here’s the footage:

I guess the idea of falling into a volcano and burning to death was too much to handle? Fair enough, but then why put this shit on TV?

People on Twitter were NOT happy I tell you:

If you search ‘Nik Wallenda’ on Twitter it’s basically just Tweets like that ripping into him. Which is fair enough really because they were selling this as Wallenda’s new death-defying stunt but it turned out to be the opposite of what people expect from him – no risk or danger at all. If there’s no chance you’re going to fall into that volcano and be boiled alive by lava, does it really count as tightrope walking across a volcano?

He never used a harness in the past, like when he walked across the Grand Canyon a few years ago:

That’s how you do it. Might as well use a green screen if you’re going to stick a harness on and remove all the suspense.

For insane footage of two daredevils attempting a skyline rope walk between two hot air balloons, click HERE. Key word = “attempting”.


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