Tight Rope Walker Nik Wallenda Breaks Record For Highest Blindfolded Tightrope Walk

Nik Wallenda Tightrope Chicago

The killer bit about this is what his Dad tried to make him do when he was up there.

Tight rope walker Nik Wallenda has already done some pretty unbelievable things in his career as a tightrope walker, but he took it to the next level over the weekend in Chicago by breaking two world records and generally being completely insane about it too.

The first world record was walking 600 feet up a nineteen degree incline across the Chicago river which was a world record. The second one was even more ridiculous as he performed the same stunt again only this time with a blindfold which was also a world record.

There was no safety net or harness during the walk either which means if he fucked it up then it really was curtains for the guy. Fortunately he didn’t but afterwards he stated that even he was nervous and shaking like a leaf during it. You can’t really blame him because even watching something like this terrifies me, but you might expect him to be a little cooler about it considering how many times he must have done stuff like that. I guess even when you’ve done something a million times it’s still shit scary.

However, as vertigo inducing as this is, it’s probably not as scary as this tightrope walk between two hot air balloons. Oof.


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