Tory MP Nigel Mills Admits To Playing Candy Crush Saga During Committee Meeting

Candy Crush Saga Nigel Mills


Just like last year when senator John McCain got busted playing online poker during a US debate on Syria, Tory MP Nigel Mills has been busted playing Candy Crush Saga during a Commons committee meeting discussing work and pensions. Obviously being caught playing Candy Crush Saga is way lamer than being caught playing online poker, but either way both of these guys have been elected to help run the country and should be paying more attention during these meetings rather than just dossing about on their tablets.

As Mills was so obviously busted thanks to the pictures you can see on this page, he didn’t even try to deny that he was playing it, saying the following:

There was a bit of the meeting that I wasn’t focusing on and I probably had a game or two.

I shouldn’t do it but if you check the meeting I would say I was fully engaged in asking questions that I thought were particularly important in how we get the pensions issue right. I shall try not to do it in the future.

Tory MP Candy Crush

Well, it’s good to know that he’s going to ‘try’ not to play video games during important meetings in the future. That definitely makes me want to vote for him again in the next election – it’s all about effort.

The pictures – which were published in The Sun – have caused a House Of Commons internal investigation to be launched as taking photographs in the House Of Commons is against the law. It’s likely that whoever took them sill be banned from the House Of Commons for life once their identity is uncovered. Uh oh.


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