Former Leader Nigel Farage Has Quit UKIP


I thought he had already quit?

Nigel Farage is the face of Brexit and was the face of UKIP for some time, although it seems like even he is dismayed by the direction of the party since he resigned his leadership role and became simply a card carrying member.

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Farage had previously expressed his displeasure with the fact that UKIP had seemingly drifted towards the far right by inviting Milo Yiannopoulos and Count Dankular into its ranks as well as appointing Tommy Robinson as a special advisor and it seems like he’s finally made up his mind about it yesterday when he said the following:

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Under Gerard Batten’s leadership, however, the party’s direction has changed fundamentally… The party of elections is quickly becoming a party of street activism, with our members being urged to attend marches rather than taking the fight to the ballot box.

My heart sinks as I reflect on the idea that [Tommy Robinson and others] may be seen by some as representative of the cause for which I have campaigned for so much of my adult life.

UKIP is no longer the Brexit party that we need.

Well. I don’t really know what that means to be honest – I’m fairly certain a lot of people already thought he had left UKIP when he resigned as the leader a while ago (twice I think?) so I don’t think it’s really going to make a lot of difference to anything. Farage will still be floating around being a prick, cavorting with Donald Trump or whoever will have him, and UKIP will probably continue down the path its going on as it becomes more racist and extreme. Fantastic times ahead for everyone. Cheers.

For more Nigel Farage, check him out saying he’s interested in becoming Major Of London. Hopefully that never happens, but you never know.


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