Nigel Farage Has Confirmed That He’s Interested In Becoming Mayor Of London


‘More people voted for Brexit in London than Sadiq Khan.’

Nigel Farage may take the role of pantomime villain for many people reading this, but I’m sure for many others he’s a bonafide national hero for his role in the Brexit situation so it’s not really a surprise that he’s looking at taking up a position of political power on its coattails.

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Nigel was speaking on his ‘legendary’ LBC radio show the other day when he revealed that he had been approached by some people who thought he could be a successful candidate for the role of London Mayor in 2020. Here’s what he had to say:

A group of people have approached me.

They say ‘look there are more people in London that voted for Brexit than voted for Sadiq Khan when he became Mayor.’

And actually if you look at the numbers that is true.

Quite frankly I’ve been so busy the last few weeks I’ve barely given it a moment’s thought, I will give it a moment’s thought over the course of the next week.

I mean I suppose he has somewhat of a point there but there’s also the fact that he’s stood for election in seven different London constituencies and been rejected in the past and I’m not sure if things have changed so much that they’re going to perform a complete about turn. Brexit has happened since then so who knows – guess we’ll have to wait with bated breath until next week to find out whether he does end up running or not. Paddy Power are offering him odds of 100/1 though so they’re not confident. I wonder what Trump’s odds were in 2014 though eh?

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