Nigel Farage Plans On Fleeing To America As He’s Terrified Of Brexit Britain


Of course he is.

We all know that Nigel Farage achieved his life long dream of wrestling control back from the European Union with the Brexit vote this summer, and we probably all know that he immediately resigned as the leader of UKIP in the wake of the result. We also know that the country is losing £225million a week too because of this decision. It’s in the news a lot.

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Well, not content to only skip out on the party and the Brexit process itself once the results came in, it turns out that Farage is looking at skipping out on the country as a residence too. Reports are emanating that he’s been telling his close friends that he and his wife Kirsten are preparing to emigrate to the United States shortly.


Apparently Farage reckons he will feel ‘freer’ in the United States, presumably because he’s best mates with new Preisdent Donald Trump all of a sudden. There’s no news as to whether this potential move comes after Trump’s idea to make him the Ambassador to The United States for the UK was suggested. Although he’s completely unqualified for such a role, the way things are going, he’s probably going to receive that position somehow when Trump is sworn into power. You heard it here first.

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I get a lot of shit on here sometimes for being anti Brexit or whatever, but even despite my political views, isn’t it completely bizarre that Farage has spent his whole life fighting for something and once he achieves it he immediately skips out on both his political party and his country? Really can’t understand why he would do that if he wanted it so badly? It makes no sense. The guy’s a prick basically, but I suppose I can’t deny that he’s managed to absolutely kill it recently. Makes him even worse to be honest.

Oh, and did you know Farage is also applying for German citizenship too? Don’t really know what his game is.


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