Nigel Farage Admits He Has ‘Absolutely No Idea’ What Will Happen If We Leave The EU

Nigel Farage


Nigel Farage has admitted that he has ‘absolutely no idea’ what will happen if the UK leaves the EU. He said that he hadn’t even considered the aftermath of the referendum and has just been focusing all of his efforts on winning it. I think we are all pretty much aware of that fact, but it’s still mad that he would actually admit to it.

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Amidst the notion that polls in recent days have shown Leave slightly ahead of Remain for the first time, reporters asked Farage what would happen if we left. He replied:

I’ve absolutely no idea.

What I do know is that if we vote for Brexit then the Ukip delegation in the European Parliament has a very important job over the next 18 months or two years because we will need to be the canary in the mine shaft, warning the British people if the Government aren’t delivering the wishes of the electorate.

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With nine days to go. I’m not contemplating anything afterwards, nothing. I just want to win this referendum.

But I think, potentially, the effects of this referendum on the Conservative Party, the Labour Party, Ukip, could be very profound. We could see a big reshaping.

It’s actually infuriating that a man who is leader of a political party literally doesn’t even know anything about the major campaign that he’s backing. At least do your research mate, “reshaping” doesn’t necessarily mean a good reshaping. Still, what should we expect from a man who is personally endorsed by Joey Essex.


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