Joey Essex Declares That Nigel Farage Is ‘Reem’

Nigel Farage Joey Essex

Another reason not to vote UKIP.

As if we hadn’t already presented you with enough reasons not to vote UKIP come May, the biggest one ever has come to light today after everyone’s favourite dickwad Joey Essex decided to endorse Nigel Farage by calling him ‘a really reem guy’:

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Farage met Essex as part of a visit to Grimsby (gotta get those votes somewhere) where he was discussing EU fishing laws for his new show Educating Joey Essex: General Election, which sounds like it’s bound to be a ratings winner.  The pair then were filmed going out for a boat ride so Joey could experience the fishing issues firsthand.

It’s also important to note that Essex has been meeting a few other politicians as part of this series – including Nick Clegg and Ed Milliband – but Farage is the only one that he’s referred to as reem. I suppose that says it all about who you should vote for. It’s perhaps almost as an effective indicator as Katie Hopkins saying she’ll leave the country if Labour are voted in.

Here’s how their meeting went down through a series of tweets:. It really is politics at its lowest, I think my favourite part is when Essex compliments Farage on his jacket.


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