Nicolas Cage Trains War Hero To Fight Aliens With Martial Arts In New Movie

This looks stupid.

It’s kind of hard to believe that Nicolas Cage was once an A list actor and Oscar winner because now he seems totally content to make the dumbest and most ridiculous films possible, and here he is coming up with another one where he’s playing an ancient martial arts leader who trains a war hero so that he can fight off an alien invasion. That really does sound like he’s gone mad in his old age doesn’t it?

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The movie is called ‘Jiu Jitsu’ and you can check out the trailer below, along with the official synopsis underneath that. It really is as dumb as I’ve already made it sound though:

An ancient order of Jiu Jitsu fighters faces a vicious race of alien invaders in an epic battle for the survival of Earth.

Nicolas Cage joins a cast that includes Alain Moussi, Frank Grillo, Rick Yune, Marie Avgeropoulos, Juju Chan, and Tony Jaa.

Co-written and directed by Kickboxer: Retaliation’s Dimitri Logothetis, Jiu Jitsu debuts in Theaters, On Demand and Digital on November 20, 2020.

Yep, that does look very, very stupid doesn’t it? Sad thing is that it looks like it could have been fun, but the way the trailer is cut just makes it look like it’s going to be really crap and stupid and only worth watching for Cage acting like a crazy person. Still probably worth watching in the current movie climate though.

Unfortunately that’s only the US release date now, but you can see this being rolled out over here pretty shortly afterwards. It’s not like any other movies are coming out right now so they’re pretty desperate, you know and I think a few dumb people like me would actually venture to the cinema to check this out. It looks like a laugh a minute.

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