Nicolas Cage Is Starring In A New Movie About A Guy Who Loses His Pig

He’s back.

It’s easy to forget that Nicolas Cage once won the Oscar for Best Actor for ‘Leaving Las Vegas’ back in 1995 considering he now seems to solely star in weird B movies where he just freaks out and acts really weird, but critics are saying that he’s back to his best in his new movie ‘Pig’.

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OK so I’m fully aware that a movie called ‘Pig’ about an Oregonian truffle hunter who returns home to find that his beloved pig has gone missing doesn’t exactly sound like a tour de force from Cage – if anything it sounds like another one of his completely stupid movies from the last ten years – but I’m just going on what people are saying. Take a look at the trailer below and see what you think:

Yeah that just looks completely weird doesn’t it? Although kinda arty and cool which I suppose is Cage’s vibe right now and it’s about 50/50 whether it’s going to be a swing and a miss or a home run. Can’t really decide which one this is gonna be, but the reviews are saying it’s a good one so maybe I’ll check it out.

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