Nickelodeon Is Starting A New Channel That’s Only Going To Show 90’s Cartoons


Now you can call in sick to work and spend all day watching your favourite cartoons from childhood.

Fresh off the announcement that they were developing a new version of Rugrats, Nickelodoen has hit it even further out of the ballpark by announcing that they’re going to start a brand new channel that’s going to solely show the 90s cartoons that we all grew up loving.

It’s called The Splat (I guess because of their old logo that looked like a splat) and will definitely be showing  Rocko’s Modern Life, Ren And Stimpy, Aaahh!! Real Monsters, Rugrats, Hey Arnold! and many more. To prove that it’s actually happening, they’ve even put a teaser on YouTube, although there’s no definite launch date for the channel yet:

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Looks pretty good huh? I’m not sure if you’re an adult how you’re going to get away with watching cartoons all the time, but I suppose it’s better to have that kind of problem than not. Let’s just hope none of the cartoon characters have ended up with drug problems, like this artist predicted a couple of years ago.

Now all we need is to get a Nickelodeon channel showing stuff like Pete And Pete and Are You Afraid Of The Dark? again too. Now those were some shows.


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