Nickelback Release Horrible Music Video; Somehow Get George From Seinfeld To Star In It

jason alexander nickelback

Nickelback are known for terrible music and music videos but they don’t actually appear in this one and it’s probably their worst ever. Somehow they got Jason Alexander to appear in it too, which makes it even worse.

jason alexander nickelback

Now you might not think that Nickelback releasing a horrible music video is anything to really write a post about because all of their music videos (and songs) are pretty much completely horrible. But this is a completely different format to most of their music videos – which usually involve the band playing somewhere like a warehouse or on top of a building whilst some kind of lame ‘storyline’ happens to Chad Kroeger and the other guys remain anonymous – so I figured that it deserved a post highlighting just how horrible it is. This video is a couple of weeks old but I don’t have a TV and so hadn’t managed to tune into Scuzz for a couple of weeks since its undoubtedly well received world premiere, which is why I’m posting about it now.

It seems that since Chad Kroeger got engaged to Avril Lavigne he doesn’t have time to star in the ‘storyline’ parts of his music videos and that him and the rest of the guys don’t have time to even appear in the performance part of the video either. The other guys are probably too busy hunting bears or riding motorcycles or something. Anyway they came up with this horrible treatment for a video that somehow got made and managed to rope in Seinfeld star Jason Alexander to star in it. It pretty much reads like a really bad advert for Kleenex or a bad episode of some shit sitcom like New Girl.

I can’t believe they got Jason Alexander to star in it, but then I guess he isn’t really doing anything at the moment and money talks.  But still, remember that this is the guy who David Beckham stole the idea for his son’s name off, so he’s pretty bigtime. How could he be reduced to this? I guess he did star in a McDonalds advert once but that was way before he was famous so it’s understandable, now it’s just bizarre. Why would anyone EVER, regardless of any other factors like money or fame, want to be in a Nickelback video?

Basically it’s horrible. Jason Alexander is working in some coffee shop and then the girl of his dreams walks in. Oh geez you can see where this is going. He gets real flustered and drops some cups etc and then makes her coffee and puts a heart on the top of it in the froth.

Cute, right? She smiles, it’s going well. Great! But what’s this? An evil version of Jason Alexander with a hipster moustache is riding up into the coffee shop on a motorbike, and he’s way sicker than the original Jason Alexander at putting cool designs in the froth on top of the coffee, and the girl of his dreams is totally into it. FUCK! What’s he gonna do?

Nothing really, the hipster Jason Alexander continues making loads and loads of really cool designs and people start flooding into the shop to see them and going crazy. The original Jason Alexander just spends all his time on one coffee and looks more disenchanted and frazzled as the video goes on and his doppelganger is getting loads and loads of attention from everyone else for whacking out so many awesome designs and the girl he fancies is swooning all over him. Damn!

But what’s this? It’s a twist ending! Not as good as the twist ending at the end of the Moment of Truth, or even the twist ending at the end of the Carly Rae Jepsen video sure, actually I’m not even sure it’s even a twist ending because you kind of expect Jason Alexander to get the girl the whole time right? Of course you do – this is a Nickelback video and Chad Kroeger always gets the girl, even if he isn’t in the video.

Bascially he writes his and her initials in the coffee and that’s enough to win her over. I guess girls don’t look for much these days? Or maybe she just isn’t in to hipsters. Maybe she read the Sick Chirpse guide to being edgy and just wasn’t in to them anymore. Whatever her reasons, Jason Alexander got her and rides off into the sunset on his motorbike. Predictably awful.

The video is terrible but if you want to check it out below be my guest. I think it might have been better if Nickelback had actually been in the video.  The song is even worse though. I mean maybe it would have worked as a Foo Fighters video or something, but then the song would actually have been good and all the Foo Fighters would have acted in it and been really funny. As it is, it’s just sad and pathetic and makes me feel really sorry for Jason Alexander. If it’s bummed you out as much as me maybe check out this video of someone throwing something in Chad Kroeger’s face during a Nickelback concert.

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