Tennis Bad Boy Nick Kyrgios Destroys A Reporter’s Entire Life With Brutal Comeback Diss (VIDEO)

Love this guy.

We’ve written about Greek-Australian tennis player Nick Kyrgios a few times already on Sick Chirpse, and it looks like he’s still the biggest dickhead in tennis following his antics the other day.

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Having been beaten 6-3 3-6 7-6 7-6 at Wimbledon by Rafael Nadal, Nick showed up for the obligatory post-match press conference and absolutely roasted a reporter who asked him about drinking at a pub the night before the game:

Fair play to the reporter for uploading that clip and admitting he got owned, but you just cannot come back from a diss like that. He probably went back to his hotel room and cried into his pillow all night. Right afterwards Nick clocked a familiar face from the night before:

Perfect, just perfect. She really thought he wouldn’t notice/remember her from the night before.

As you might expect most tennis critics and old school purists don’t like Nick Kyrgios very much, but I reckon it’s pretty refreshing having a controversial, unpredictable figure in the sport for once. Watching any sport instantly becomes more interesting when the athletes can get you talking about them outside of the actual sport.

During the game itself, he even busted out this insanely disrespectful underhand serve. Nadal must have been fuming:

Thought not as fuming as when Kyrgios actually smashed the tennis ball into him at full pelt. Wow:

Kyrgios was asked about the incident during the press conference, and wouldn’t you know it, didn’t offer an apology:

Why would I apologise? I didn’t hit him. Hit his racket, no? Why would I apologise? I won the point. I mean, the dude has got how many slams, how much money in the bank? I think he can take a ball to the chest, bro. I’m not going to apologise to him at all. Yeah, I was going for him. Yeah, I wanted to hit him square in the chest. Like, he’s got decent hands.

Fair play. It is within the rules of the game even though it’s an ultimately disrespectful dick move in a sport that historically celebrates decorum and respect between players. Time will tell whether Kyrgios is good enough to ever win a grand slam, but at least we know he’ll always be entertaining if he keeps up this sort of behaviour.

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