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This happened on Friday night/Saturday morning but I was too busy recovering from the Sick Chirpse 2nd Birthday Party to really function – at least in terms of going on the internet and finding stories to write about – and this one is just too good and too Sick Chirpse to miss off because we just love it when celebrities are fvcking idiots on twitter. And who knows maybe you missed it because I imagine most people who read Sick Chirpse are pretty much sessioning through the weekend anyway.

Basically everyone hates Nick Griffin because he’s the leader of the BNP and pretty much an all round dickhead. I remember once when I ordered a taxi back when I was at university for my buddy Nick Griffiths and the guy on the other end of the phone told me to fvck off because he thought I had said Nick Griffin. That’s how much he seems to be universally hated.

Anyway, I wasn’t aware that Nick Griffin had a twitter account which is kind of a bummer because I definitely would have followed him to see the deluded crap that he would be coming out with. It all kicked off on Friday night though when Nick Griffin was being even more of a moron than usual.

Apparently some gay couple had successfully sued the Christian owner of a B & B in Berkshire who had refused to let the couple stay there because they were gay. Obviously that is outrageous and the gay couple were well within their rights to sue the owner. I don’t even know why the fact she was a Christian even came into it but I guess it was because she was citing the Bible in some twisted defence of her reasoning for not letting homosexuals stay at her bed and breakfast.

But yeah, this obviously had nothing to do with Nick Griffin at all. He wasn’t even remotely involved in the incident. It had absolutely nothing to do with him but he decided to tweet some absolute bullshit about the case. You can check it out below:

nick griffin twitter feed

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I mean obviously publishing the addresses of these guys on twitter is completely outrageous and suggesting that he’s going to organise a BNP rally over the right for renters to rent to whoever they want outside their house is even dumber. I mean it’s great for him to throw in the line that he includes gays as people – you know because they’re not usually classified as people – but you have to wonder, as many people have said on the matter, that if a gay couple wanted to rent a room in their house out but refused to let Christian or straight people stay in it how Nick Griffin would react? He would probably go up the wall, that’s for sure and then probably threaten to start another demonstration outside their house. Or he would at least go on twitter and spout out some similar crap to this. He definitely wouldn’t be happy.

His use of the term ‘British Justice Team’ is also slightly disconcerting as it kind of implies vigilante justice – which although is a cool idea because you always associate vigilantes with cowboys and not that horrible Sean Bean movie – is actually kind of gross when you think about the reality of it and a bunch of people holding a protest outside a gay couple’s house over some ridiculous issue.

Anyway, people started taking notice, Griffin’s twitter account was suspended and some people reported him to the police. Considering people have been sent to jail for trolling about Fabrice Muamba and other dumb topics on twitter which – although not exactly cool – were probably jokes whereas Griffin actually seemed pretty serious about organising a protest outside these dude’s house, it’s kind of outrageous that nothing has happened to him yet.

On Saturday morning, after his account was disappointingly (or fortunately, depending how you look at it because I’m definitely gonna start following him now for his ridiculously right wing bullshit) Griffin released a statement saying ‘I was very angry in the way in which left-wing political activists and a minority of gay activists are working with left-wing judges to use the Human Rights Act to persecute ordinary people, especially Christians.’ Christianity is clearly the issue here, as I alluded to earlier.

He also added that the didn’t think his call to organise a protest outside the house could be seen as menacing in any way. I have never had a bunch of people protesting outside my house against my sexuality (which is obviously what all this is really about and not all that renting bullshit) but I can’t imagine I would just be able to walk out of my house to get a loaf of bread or whatever without being harrassed by a bunch of idiots. Fortunately the couple managed to hear about the tweets pretty quickly and got a police guard to come and look after their house and nobody actually came to their house to try and beat them up or protest or anything, but it doesn’t really change the fact that anything could have happened and it was a pretty dick move for Nick Griffin to publish their addresses on the internet. But then that is pretty much expected.

Apparently the police are investigating the tweets, which you know, should probably do about as much good as an FA investigation into racism. Nick Griffin meanwhile has continued to be a moron by tweeting continually dumbass tweets about Muslims and homosexuals, this one probably being the highlight:

Nick Griffin LGBT



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