Nick Cannon (Who?) Has Challenged Eminem To A $100,000 Rap Battle

Does Nick Cannon have a death wish?

I don’t know who the fuck Nick Cannon thinks he is, but he’s just challenged Eminem to a rap battle where the winner walks away with $100,000, years after Eminem rinsed both him and wife Mariah Carey in diss tracks back in 2009. Has he spent all these years planning and writing his comeback diss?

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Here’s one of the tracks that upset Nick:

In an interview with Tim Westwood here in the UK, Cannon said he wants Eminem to accept his challenge and he’ll take on anyone else to get to him if Em refuses:

I’m still ready! I’m trying to find him. Where is he? We gonna be out in the States for the BET Awards. I’m holding a $100,000 battle—whoever wants it—but it has to be someone who can put up 100 grand … I done reached out to Tyga, he didn’t want it. I went to all Slaughterhouse. I did it like Mortal Kombat. I said I’ll take all of them out to get to the boss.

It’s insane that Nick Cannon is even allowed to say Eminem’s name, let alone challenge him to a rap battle. That’s how far apart these two are in terms of talent and success. Nick Cannon is best known for presenting MTV shows and being Mariah Carey’s bitch whereas Eminem is arguably the best rapper of all time. In fact the chances of Eminem accepting are so slim (pun intended) that you have to think Nick just did this for attention since no one knows/cares what he’s up to these days.

I hope Eminem does accept though because it would be great to see him eviscerate Cannon one more time. Unless he gets a bit too baked and pulls a whitey mid-battle like this UK battle rapper did.


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