‘Nice Guy’ Slides Into Girl’s DMs, Gets Her Number, Then Blows It In Unbelievable Fashion

How to cock-block yourself 101.

Sometimes when trying to show a girl how cool and “not like the other guys” you are, it’s easy to overplay your hand and have it blow up spectacularly in your face.

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Such was the case with this ‘nice guy’ who attempted to impress a girl he met by letting her know in no uncertain terms that he’s a faithful bloke who owns a Harley.

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We had a party where a buddy of mine brought his rave buddy. He turned out to be quite weird. A week later he messages my neighbor who he met at the party and stalked on facebook. This exchange is him trying to be a “nice guy”






Unreal how he managed to balls that one up after she miraculously gave him her number in the first place. I mean I wasn’t even sure it was possible to cock-block yourself like that but this guy proved if your text game is terrible enough you can make it happen.

Very frustrating to see a guy go down in flames like that but there’s no doubt he would’ve cocked it up eventually one way or another. If you can find a way to lose even after you’ve won then there’s no helping you really.

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