NHS Worker Beats Up Patient Who Then Yells “You’re Supposed To Be Looking After Us” (VIDEO)

Fair point.

It’s a tough time to be working for the NHS at the moment, so the last thing you need is some belligerent idiot trying to wind you up when you’re just to trying to get on with things.

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At Whittington Hospital in London the other day, a patient – who according to MailOnline was at the hospital for a spinal procedure – ended up wrestling with a staff member who he accused of touching him. Probably not an ideal situation for pre-spinal surgery eh?

Let’s just say there was a fairly decisive winner and loser:

Lol – not something you see at hospital every day. Not sure what the argument was initially about but it looked like the patient was instigating things by cornering the staff member and shoving him, so he can’t have too many complaints over how it turned out. In fact judging by his cackling laughter I think we was enjoying rolling around on the floor with him there? Until he received that vicious kick to the ribs, that is. Sounded like he was about to cry after that.

Either way, you have to say the NHS worker should have held his temper even if he was provoked, but given the abuse NHS workers put up on a regular basis with I don’t really blame the guy for losing it.

A spokesman for Whittington Health NHS Trust said:

We are aware of an incident which took place in our Day Treatment Centre yesterday.

The incident is being investigated by the police and we have begun an internal investigation.

Violence or aggression towards our staff is never acceptable and we are taking the matter extremely seriously.

Sounds like there could be a p45 coming up. Let’s hope not though. The NHS needs all staff on deck for the new few months at least.

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