NHS Worker Apologises For Screaming ‘Nazi’ In The Face Of Trump Supporter Attacked With Milkshake



Everyone cringed their faces off when they saw the footage of a lady screaming ‘Nazi scum’ in the face of an elderly Donald Trump supporter at the anti-Trump protests in London this week.

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She also laughed in his face as someone covered the man in milkshake – here’s the footage if you missed it:

Not very nice, is it?

Amazingly, it turns out the woman, named Siobhan, is an NHS worker who has a ‘special interest in mental health awareness’. Terrorising an old man because of his perceived political views and laughing as he gets assaulted? Just a bit unbecoming for an NHS worker involved with mental health.

Siobhan has since admitted that she ‘let herself down’ though, and took to Twitter to apologise for her behaviour:

Fair play to her – she went a little OTT in the heat of the moment and fully accepts it.

The man claimed he was peacefully debating with “moderate lefties” and “having a laugh with the majority of them” before he was surrounded.

Explaining his support for the President, the man said:

Because he’s done more than he said he was going to do for America.

He’s true to his word when he said he wants to make America great again.

He [Trump] speaks the truth. And most women… Trump did say about the p***y grabbing, but men have done that over the years.

When I went to school people used to say that… It’s all part of growing up.

He’s still a kid at heart, I’m still a kid at heart. What’s wrong with not growing up?

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Lol. Well even if you don’t quite agree with all of that, there’s no reason to yell at the guy that he’s a ‘Nazi’, which is a term that gets bandied around a bit too freely these days and only gets in the way of progressive discourse.

I mean surely we need to differentiate Trump supporters from actual mass murdering Nazis somehow, right? Even if some of them do have bigoted views.



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