An NHS Test And Trace Worker Had His Head Stamped On Five Times For Wearing A Mask


Whatever you think about wearing a mask, I would have liked to have thought that everyone could agree that you don’t need to beat someone up for having differing opinion to you on them, but it sadly turns out that this isn’t the case thanks to this story.

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It all went down on 149 bus at Seven Sisters in London on August 23rd, where a 63 year old NHS Test and Trace worker had boarded the bus and decided to move away from another passenger who was wearing his mask around his neck. It seems that the other passenger became offended by this and then started punching and kicking him before stamping five times on his head whilst he lay prone on the floor. The NHS worker woke up in hospital with no recollection of events.

Now police have released pictures of the attacker in the hopes of tracking them down. Their statement said the following:

Although there is no sound on the CCTV and all the victim remembers is waking up in hospital, we believe that this was all triggered by face masks.

We think that the attacker, who had his face covering beneath his chin, took offence when the victim, who was fully covered, consciously moved away from him.

When the attacker then follows the victim to the back of the bus, he can be seen pointing and gesturing at the victim’s face mask before he starts repeatedly punching and kicking him.

This was a totally unwarranted violent assault and we urgently need to speak to this man.

Sounds completely ridiculous and unnecessary, but should anything surprise us anymore in 2020? The man in question was described as a tall black man who is between 23 and 25 years old with an athletic/muscular build. Not usually one to suggest dobbing people in, but in this case if you know the guy you should definitely talk to the authorities because he needs sorting out.

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