NHS Surgeon Says That People Should Start Their Morning With A Full English Breakfast

Great news.

The Full English Breakfast used to be a staple of early mornings, but it now appears to be dying out after young millennials prefer to stay healthy and eat porridge or avocado and toast or whatever.

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One NHS surgeon doesn’t necessarily think that there’s anything wrong with a Full English and is insisting that people should be starting their mornings with it. Andrew Jenkinson is a bariatric surgeon specialising in weight loss and explains that a Full English will set you up for the day and that crash dieters always end up fatter than when they started:

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It’s always the same story.

They all say they lose weight to begin with, but then put it on again and end up heavier.

Imagine you are taking your great-grandmother around the shops.

If there’s any food she doesn’t recognise, don’t buy it.

You should start your day with a Full English, but if you’re dieting just cut out the bread.

Sounds good to me, although I am a big fan of bread so maybe not 100% ideal. Still, definitely better than not having the option of a Full English when trying to lose weight. Tell all your friends that you no longer have to eat porridge or whatever to reach your goals. Rejoice.

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