There’s A New Conspiracy Theory About Why We’re Being Asked To Clap For The NHS Every Thursday

The wildest coronavirus conspiracy theory yet.

Coronavirus conspiracy theories have been coming thick and fast over the last month or so, and it looks like they’re becoming increasingly ridiculous as time goes on.

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We’ve heard that coronavirus was created by the government to cull the population. We’ve heard that it’s caused by 5G radiation. We’ve heard that it was created to grant the government more control over our freedoms. We’ve heard that Bill Gates created it so that he could introduce the vaccine for financial profit. We’ve even heard that celebrities like Idris Elba and Tom Hanks are being paid to pretend they have coronavirus.

Some of these theories are worth looking into, but despite what some weirdo on YouTube says, they tend to make no sense at all and lack enough credible evidence to take seriously. This new conspiracy theory doing the rounds on WhatsApp though? This one really takes the cake:

Wow. Just wow. I like how this person explains that “the initial setup of 5G” is what’s causing coronavirus, in case you ask them what happens when the government switches 5G on permanently and the permanent buzzing starts to kill us all off. Even if you try to point out the lunacy of believing something like this, you’re told that you’re a sheep and you should “do your research”.

And what about the areas where people aren’t clapping loud enough? I bet that’s when they send the army in to enforce it and the loud rumbling of the tanks covers the 5G buzzing sound instead. Oh shit, why didn’t they do that in the first place instead of making us clap at 8PM every Thursday? Stay woke everybody.

P.S. Over in Birmingham, they’re already burning down 5G towers. Absolute cretins.


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