This NFL Prospect’s Dick Fell Out Of His Shorts On Live Television (VIDEO)

Chris Jones NFL


It’s the time of the year over in America where NFL prospects are competing at combines in order to try and win that elusive contract.

At these events, the athletes take part in various drills as they try to impress the coaches with their stats. One way to not impress them though is to whip your dick out halfway through one of the drills. Or maybe that would only impress them depending on their orientation, who knows? It’s probably not a risk worth taking when you’re trying to earn that contract.

It happened to this guy called Chris Jones on Sunday. He was performing a 40 metre dash and at the end of the dash he fell down on the ground like he had been shot. It turns out when you watch the replay though that his dick jumped out of his pants and he had to tuck it back in before anyone saw it, as you do. Unfortunately for Jones it was broadcast on live television, so the moment can now be relived on the internet for the rest of time:

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Ooof, that’s pretty embarrassing. Fair play to him for falling over and sorting it out though before anyone could really notice – if it wasn’t for the TV cameras, then he might have gotten away with it. Might have.

Check out this video of a similar thing happening to Lenny Kravitz too, only this time he’s live on stage.


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