Lenny Kravitz’s Dick Fell Out When His Leather Trousers Split At His Concert Monday Night (NSFW)

Lenny Kravitz Crotch

Be warned – you can’t unsee this.

Incredibly Lenny Kravitz is a 51 year old man who still thinks it’s a good idea to prance around wearing leather trousers, and probably gets away with it for the most part too.

However, he might want to reconsider his thoughts on this after his concert in Stockholm on Monday night. As usual Lenny was rocking out in his leather trousers and playing the guitar riff to American Woman, when unfortunately his trousers were a bit too tight and fully ripped apart when he performed an enthusiastic squat, showing off his dick and balls to the entire audience.

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A fan spoke about the incident to a local newspaper:

The producer stepped up and said that they had some problems onstage. A bit later Kravitz came out wearing other trousers. He said ‘sorry, I ripped my trousers’.

Well at least that was sorted out and the problem got resolved quickly. I’m not gonna make a joke about his dick wanting to get away from his leather trousers because every other website has already done that and it’s not even really that funny. Sorry guys.

You can see a YouTube video of the incident below (where you can’t really see anything unless you look really, really hard), or you can go onto the next page to see a GIF and a photo of the incident. Be warned though, it’s definitely NSFW and you definitely can’t unsee it once you’ve seen it.

Lenny doesn’t really have anything to worry about because he’s got a more than handsome sized dick. However, it’s nothing on this guy who’s had his dick surgically enlarged so many times that it not longer fits his pants. Never, ever let him wear leather pants.

And for the full uncensored NSFW gif…

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