Neymar’s Mum Has Dumped Her Toyboy Boyfriend After Finding Out He Used To Date Men


It was pretty funny a week or ago when we revealed that Neymar’s mother was dating a gamer who was about seven years younger than her son and both of them claiming that they were truly in love with one another, but the situation has become even stupider after it was revealed that she’s dumped him after finding out that he used to go out with men. Sounds like an Eastenders storyline or something.

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Anyway, neither Nadine Goncalves or Thiago Ramos have released statements about the matter yet, but reports in Brazil are saying the following according to The Daily Star:

She has now given the him the boot after finding out he had dated a number of men before they met.

He is now said to be back with his family in Brazil after being kicked out of Neymar’s mother’s mansion.

Lol. It’s kinda like when you see that person you know on social media who always has new squeezes and posts pictures of them and how in love they are all the time, only for them to stop doing it after a few months and slowly pop up with another partner doing exactly the same kinda thing.

We all know it’s never going to work out as soon as we see those photos, but that doesn’t stop them constantly professing their love for their new squeezes. Didn’t expect Neymar’s mum and the tomboy to end quite so quickly – or over something so scandalous – I must admit. Kinda slack of her to dump him just because he liked having sex with guys as well, isn’t this supposed to be 2020?

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