Neymar Barges A Young Kid Off The Ball After Getting Tackled In 5 A Side


Neymar is such a jerk.

Neymar might very well be one of the best footballers in the world, but following his move to Paris Saint Germain and his antics rolling around on the floor repeatedly at the World Cup, the jury on him as a person is very much out.

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This latest video is unlikely to do him any favours either as again it makes him look like a major asshole. The Brazilian superstar was appearing at his own 5 a side tournament – Neymar Jr’s Five – in his home town of Santos where he ended up playing against a a couple of teenagers in an exhibition match.

As Neymar is well known for his trickery with his feet, he decided to bust out a few tricks in front of some teenager who he was playing against, only to end up getting tackled by the kid who then proceeded to run up the line with the ball. Now bearing in mind you’re a global superstar playing in your own tournament and you just got tackled by a teenager and this isn’t some massive World Cup match where losing the ball actually has serious consequences, how do you expect Neymar to react to this? Probably not like this:

Ouch. I think the correct response would probably be for Neymar to act gracefully and give the kid a round of applause, so he could tell the story for the rest of his life about how he tackled Neymar and he was a real good sport about it. Instead he just barges him over, the kid talks about how Neymar is a twat for the rest of his life and everyone sees this video and probably thinks the same too as well. Result.

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