Neymar & His PSG Teammates Bullied His Girlfriend’s Ex-Boyfriend So Badly That He Deleted His Instagram Account

Neymar is one ruthless bastard.

So here’s the backstory – PSG main man Neymar is dating Natalia Barulich (pictures below – don’t worry). Natalia used to date Colombian singer Maluma. Maluma recently released a song named ‘Hawaii’, which he dedicated to ex-girlfriend Natalia.

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Here’s that song:

Following PSG’s Champions League semi-final victory the other night, Neymar and his teammates decided to have a little bit of fun at Maluma’s expense and started mocking his song on camera:

An absolutely ruthless psychological jab that resulted in Maluma being so upset that he deleted his Instagram account. I mean imagine writing and dedicating a song to your ex-girlfriend, only for the multi-millionaire footballer who took your girl from you to film a viral video mocking said song. With his PSG teammates joining in no less!

Maluma’s own management team put out an Instagram post asking what the hell happened to him because I guess he was so distressed he didn’t even let them know he was deleting his account:

On the plus side, if Maluma wanted to stoop to Neymar’s level he could point out that he shagged his girlfriend first, maybe ask him “how does my dick taste?” or something. But then that probably doesn’t have as much sting behind it when you’ve just released a song about how much you miss her. Don’t really blame the guy to be honest…

For a look at the 22-year-old gamer that Neymar’s mum is dating, click HERE. That’s one interesting family for sure.


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