The Way This Guy Pronounces “Worcestershire Sauce” Is Blowing People’s Minds

My brain is melting.

No one on the planet has ever looked at the words ‘Worcestershire Sauce’ and known how to pronounce it without it being explained to them, and because of this we’ve all heard some pretty funny attempts over the years.

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I can honestly say though that I have never, ever heard anyone pronounce Worcestershire Sauce the way TikTok chef ‘Newt’ pronounced it in this clip earlier. Prepare to have your brain explode:

What the fuck?! Wor-kes-ter-shi-ree sauce? He said it so confidently as well that I had to double-check that the rest of us haven’t been saying it wrong this entire time. Even still I don’t think people from Worcestershire should be offended – just amazed at how this American can pronounce a word so wrong and say it with his chest like he’s 100% in the right. Unbelievable.

Reminded me of this old classic as well:

Is there a harder word to pronounce on this planet? Well maybe if you’re this Irish dude trying to say the word ‘specifically’. Poor fella.


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