Spitting Image Set To Return To Rip The Piss Out Of A New Batch Of Celebrities


One for the Spitting Image crew.

ITV has announced that the much loved political puppet show Spitting Image will be returning after roughly a 20 year hiatus to pick on a fresh new batch of celebrities.

If you remember Spitting Image, you’ll remember that it was awesome and that it mainly ripped on politicians. This new series isn’t exactly Spitting Image though – although it’s made by the people responsible for the classic programme, this one is called Newszoid and will be aimed more at celebrities, with people like Russell Brand, Harry Styles and Beyonce all set to come under attack. That doesn’t mean that politicians will be safe though, with puppets of David Cameron, Nick Clegg, Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage all confirmed. Jeremy Kyle, Harry Styles, Andy Murray and Ant and Dec are some of the other celebrities whose likenesses will be portrayed in the show as well.

ITV’s director of entertainment Elaine Bedell had the following to say about the new series:

ITV has a rich history of playing popular satirical comedy in peaktime on its main channel, and it seemed a good time to revive it this year.

We are pleased to be adding to our growing comedy portfolio with this funny and biting look at the world of politics and celebrity.

The question is inevitably going to be whether or not it will actually be funny, which is especially concerning given ITV’s definition of comedy in recent years. Given the original series and the fact that the same people are involved with this one, I’m willing to give it the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps it might be an idea to get the world’s most offensive puppet in there to make sure though. Please don’t let us down again ITV.

Newszoid is due to air sometime in the spring, but in the meantime here’s some old Spitting Image to get you in the mood:


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