News Website Accidentally Uses Headline ‘Kill All The Jews’; Editor Blames It On His Hangover


Taking click baiting to the extreme.

The Daily Caller – which is a website I’ve never heard of until today – posted one of the most controversial and ridiculous headlines in history the other day and then blamed it on their editor being hungover. It must have probably had to have been like the movie for them to actually publish something like this though:

So basically you went out drinking on Tuesday night and had a stinking hangover when you went to work, and decided to blame it all on Jews? I’ve had a few hangovers in my time and I’ve had to work through them, but I’ve never blamed a minority religion on them. Unless this dude was out drinking Manischewitz all night I don’t think he really has a leg to stand on with this headline. In fact even if he did do that,  he doesn’t have a leg to stand on anyway – it’s his own fault and there’s no need to be absurdly racist about it.

The website eventually changed the headline to ‘They Came For The Jews, And I Didn’t Speak Up. It’s Happening Again’ and explained that the article was about radical Islamic terrorist groups attempting to kill Christians who didn’t step up to protect Jews. Clearly that’s implied by the original tag, although in fairness the original one is probably going to get more clicks than that one..

In an even more astonishing turn of events, the editor of The Daily Caller Tucker Carlson claims he didn’t even remove the headline because it was offensive – more because it was ‘inarticulate’:

I don’t know. We’ve got over 50 people here. He was hungover or something.

The Daily Caller got no complaints about the headline, and that it was removed because it was inarticulate.

I oversaw the correction. It violated our first rule in that it wasn’t clear.

I assume the editor was hungover, but I don’t know. I literally have no idea.

From that quote it sounds like The Daily Caller is a really solid company right? I hadn’t heard of them before this incident like I said, and I imagine the only time I’m ever going to hear of them again is if one of their editors is hungover again. Hopefully it happens soon.


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