VIDEO: News Reporter Eats Snot Live On Camera

Heather Holmes Eats Snot

This probably isn’t the best way to deal with snot dripping out of your nose when you’re live on camera.

KTVU reporter Heather Holmes was covering a Miley Cyrus concert somehow (I say somehow because she didn’t even go to the show and just hung out outside it – great news coverage there) when she committed what could be one of the most cardinal sins of live television – she ate her own bogies.

The shot comes right at the end of this clip and it’s a real blink and you’ll miss it moment so you have to make sure you’re watching carefully it as the booger slowly drips down her face on a line of snot before she quickly sucks it into her mouth.

Smooth, but not smooth enough and ultimately kinda gross. Not sure how Heather Holmes’ career is gonna pan out after that one.

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