News Reporter Solves Dognapping Case After Suspect Walks Past Her Live On Air (VIDEO)

What are the chances?

This story happened the other week but I just came across it and it’s still worth posting. A news reporter covering a local dognapping story ended up solving the case after the suspect walked right past her… while walking the missing dog.

What are the chances of that? Well a better question would be – how stupid is this dognapper? Not only is he wearing the EXACT same outfit he wore when he stole the dog, he’s in the EXACT same spot where he did it. Just look at this moron:

His excuses are really dumb too – first he says he tried to call the number on the dog tag but his phone was broken (?) and then he says he’s a dog walker who accidentally took the wrong dog from a parked car… and then just kept it? I mean this guy is in the running for dumbest crook of 2021 for sure.

Here’s the original news report it happened on:

If I was him I’d have just dropped the leash and legged it as fast as I could. Big up Julianna and her cameraman for being aware of their surroundings and getting a hell of a story. And let’s hope this guy gets some jail time and a restraining order keeping him away from every dog on the planet.

To watch a terrifying lady literally throw her dog at a guy for filming her, click HERE. Spooky stuff.


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