New York Now Has A Public Masturbation Booth In The Middle Of The Street

For all the on-the-go wankers out there.

Ever been walking down the street and just thought “I could really do with a wank right now?” Well, if you’re a New Yorker, you might never have to be caught short again as sex toy manufacturer Hot Octopuss has launched a masturbation booth.

It’s called a ‘GuyFi Booth’ and is basically just a phone box with a laptop separated by public view with a curtain. Sounds a bit primitive to me — surely at least have a door or something?

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The wank booth is located in Manhattan on 28th Street and 5th Avenue, incase any of your new Yorkers wanted to check it out, and the reason behind it is to offer stress relief to city workers.

In a statement, Hot Octopuss said:

There’s no denying that working a nine to five job can be stressful on both your mind and body, especially in a non-stop city like Manhattan.

It’s really important for guys to look after themselves so that they can stay healthy and focus properly on the task in hand. We’re told time and time again how beneficial it is to have a break away from your desk. 

At Hot Octopuss we are all about looking for new solutions to improve everyday life and we feel we’ve done just that with the new GuyFi booth. We hope the city’s men enjoy using the space we’ve created in whatever way they want.

It’s completely free of charge… all that we ask is they thank us when they get their promotion!

I get what they are saying — 9-5s can be pretty shitty at times and what better way to relax than have a quick wank?


Two issues here though — first, where’s the girls one? I guess women could use it as well but I’m pretty sure that trying to get yourself off surrounded by old cum will be even more challenging than attempting it in the office toilets.

Secondly, what poor fucker has the job of cleaning it? Whoever it is, they deserve a medal or at least a salary above the national living wage. It’s got to be even worse than the 40k a year job that nobody wants.


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