New X-Men Movie ‘The New Mutants’ Finally Has A New Release Date



Way back in 2015, the X-Men franchise officially confirmed ‘The New Mutants’ with director Josh Boone, but then it wasn’t until April 2017 that the movie entered pre-production, with the idea that it would be released a year later in April 2018.

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Well that never happened. The movie ‘It’ was released to huge success, and Fox began to panic. According to The Tracking Board:

At first, Boone and Lee wanted to make a horror movie, but Fox was initially resistant to that idea, as the studio didn’t want to go “full horror.”

A trailer with clear horror vibes was released (two years ago) and they decided to make ‘The New Mutants’ more like Boone initially intended. The new release date? February 2019.

That never happened either. Apparently there were a whole bunch of problems with the new release date as they wanted to avoid it coming out at the same time as ‘X-Men: Dark Phoenix’ and also they apparently needed to reshoot most of the film, causing yet another delay. The new release date? August 2019.

Yup, you guessed it – that didn’t happen either. As we all know Disney bought out 20th Century Fox and thus took over the rights to the X-Men franchise. Turns out Disney did not like the horror-style of ‘New Mutants’ at all and put the movie on hold. Anyway, it eventually did get another new release date – April 2020.

Nothing could stop the movie’s release this time, right? Well yeah, except a global pandemic that would force cinemas all around the world to shut down. Jesus H Christ – is this movie cursed or what? Will ‘New Mutants’ ever see the light of day?

The answer is (tentatively) – yes. Because Disney have announced this week that ‘New Mutants’ has a new release date of August 28, 2020. Which I don’t think we should be too confident about considering how unpredictable things are at the moment.

So just to recap the movie’s release date journey:

1) April 2018 (delayed)
2) February 2019 (delayed)
3) August 2019 (delayed)
4) April 2020 (delayed)
5) August 2020 (happening?)

I wouldn’t hold my breath. As for the movie being any good? Let’s hope so. But more than anything – let’s just hope it finally gets released.

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