The Walkers From The New Series Of The Walking Dead Look Absolutely Revolting

Walking Dead Walkers

Their flesh has decomposed so much that some of them don’t even have eyes or faces.

The Walking Dead is slightly different to other zombie productions in that special-effects producer Greg Nicotero insisted that the walkers had some degree of realism to them, or at least as realistic as a zombie can be given that they don’t actually exist in real life. In order to do this, he makes sure that the walkers actually decompose and they’ve slowly become more and more yucky and disgusting since the series started and this rate of decomposition has occurred over the past five series.

As you can see in the pictures below, the walkers are getting grosser and grosser and now look absolutely revolting because all the flesh has fallen off their bodies. Absolutely terrifying stuff, although it also brings up the problem of how long the series is going to last because if you look at the rate of decomposition then the walkers could all have whittled away to nothing but bone in a couple of seasons. Here’s hoping they find a way around that though because we don’t want The Walking Dead to end that soon, no way.

At least we’ll always have the option of going on The Walking Dead cruise when that time does come though.

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Walking Dead New Zombies 1

Walking Dead New Zombies 2


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