New Unreleased Eminem Track Says He Condones Chris Brown Beating Up Rihanna

Oh Eminem.

Eminem is no stranger to controversy – you could probably argue that over his 20 year career he’s probably one of the most controversial arts out there – but he’s facing some more beef after a snippet of a rap emerged where he seems to back Chris Brown for beating up Rihanna back in 2009.

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Chris Brown beating up Rihanna was huge news for a really long time back then, so it isn’t really that surprising that the narrative would have found its way into one of Eminem’s songs. Maybe he shouldn’t have rapped ‘Of course I side with Chris Brown, I’d beat a bitch down too’ though as that probably isn’t gonna win him too many fans.

Take a listen to it here – the Eminem stans among you (kinda cool he coined the phrase Stan hey!) will notice that a different version of the song eventually turned into B.o.B.’s 2011 track “Things Get Worse’, which Em had a verse on and said he wanted to murder Dakota Fanning:

I mean people seem to be losing their shit over this but honestly why would they? Eminem is always rapping about killing his ex wife and dissing homosexuals and Britney Spears and what have you so what are you expecting from the guy? It’s not exactly out of character.

There’s also the fact that this song wasn’t even released in the first place, so Eminem probably realised when he listened back to it that it was probably a dumb thing to rap about so he didn’t put it out there for everyone to judge him. Probably just freestyled it real quick when he was in the zone anyhow – you know what he’s like – then decided it wasn’t that great so decided against releasing it and now some dickhead leaked it 10 years later and he’s getting shit for it.

Give the guy a break for once and in any case, I’m sure there are enough problematic Eminem songs out there that we could give him a hard time about anyhow. Just not this unreleased one that there’s no evidence he even believe it s as he didn’t even put it out. Think about it.

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