Intense New Trailer For ‘The Witch’ All But Guarantees It’s The Scariest Movie Of 2016

The Witch Trailer 2


We did say on Sunday that the trailer for The Conjuring 2 looked like it might be the scariest movie of the year, but it looks like we forgot about The Witch.

We featured the original trailer for The Witch towards the end of last year and got very excited about it almost immediately as even though not many details of the plot were revealed in it, the tension, dread and sense of foreboding were almost unfathomable throughout. Now, the second trailer for it has been released and it’s cranked it up a notch, as well as giving that freaky looking black goat a name: the ominous ‘Black Philip.’

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Yeah, I mean I don’t know what’s going on there (why the hell is he boarding his kid up in a hut? What is the deal with that fucking goat?) but you can just tell it’s going to be as creepy and intense as hell and they’ll probably all end up killing each other. It’s going to be a trip though, you just know it, and probably completely jarring and depressing.

I doubt it’s going to make it onto the list of the 13 most bleak and depressing movies ever though, but hey you never know.


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