The New Trailer To Martin Scorsese’s ‘The Irishman’ Makes It Look Even Better

Can’t wait until November 27th.

Everyone has been pretty excited about Martin Scorsese’s Netflix epic ‘The Irishman’ ever since it was first announced, but now that the November 27th release date is inching ever close, the hype is getting more and more real.

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So far we’ve only really seen teaser trailers for the movie that celebrates the life of notorious Irish-American gangster Frank Sheeran over a number of decades, but the new one really ups the ante by putting the focus on Al Pacino’s Jimmy Hoffa and Joe Pesci’s Russel Bufalino and Sheeran’s interactions with both of them. There’s also a whole bunch of violence, explosions, drugs, power, murder etc etc just watch it already:

Wow that opening montage is SO Scorsese isn’t it? As it the end of the trailer and the whole vibe of it, but when the guy has such a great style and has made so many great movies then that’s hardly a bad thing is it? Pretty sure this is going to be an Oscar contender and an absolute epic – I only hope I can make it to one of the few cinema screenings there are going to be because I don’t fancy watching Netflix for three and a half hours. You just don’t get as engrossed in it as much.

For more of the same, check out some of these sick pictures from the movie as well. Looking good.


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